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Yahoo! Messenger 8.1

Yahoo Messenger is a complete chat master with features of audio,video and chat
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Yahoo! Messenger is providing a instant chatting service absolutely free with their version 8.1 of Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 has many of the same features as older versions. It also shows which of your friends are online.
We can do instant chat with our friends,or send them an instant message. We can do audio and video chat with friends with good quality of data transmission. We can also send files online to other friends,like in a peer-to-peer file transfer program.
Also, Yahoo Messenger 8.1 is constantly checking your emails; if you get a new one, it will alert you. While looking at other features we can create a chat room for chatting with all of our friends.
This messenger has other enjoyable options; for example, you can tease a friend by BUZZ!!ing him/her, send them audible emoticons (it has multi-language options). You can also change the font and colors of the program. You can save the entire chat with saving chat options. Also, you can play games,see the alerts for stock prices and many more.

Dinesh Rathod
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  • Provides the Yahoo basic services like mail, Yahoo search and photos with privacy options and a pop up blocker


  • There is no disadvantage using this Yahoo Messenger service
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