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Yahoo! Messenger 8.0

Enjoy the best experience in instant messaging over the Internet
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A great experience in instant messaging.
The first thing that you will find useful running this program is the support for Windows Live! Messenger. Now you can have all your IM friends in one place, avoiding the fact of having several IM programs running on your desktop.
And then, you'll find the REAL worlwide communication: You can make cheap PC-to-Phone Calls to regular and mobile phones, or just make free worldwide PC-to-PC calls.
Also you have de option of videoconference between Yahoo! and Windows Live! IM users.
When you start your conversation, you realize that there's another useful stuff: you can share files by drag-and-drop up to 1GB, wich is a lot of info. This is a great way to send documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or any other files you want, and know when they have been received.
Now that you have learned the basic and useful stuff, it comes the time of customization: You like it, but you can like it more. You want to have all your life in here. What can you do about it? Find some Plug-ins! Customize your Yahoo! Messenger adding all that plug-ins that you want, having lots of news, movies, music or games right into your IM window. You can even listen some music from dozens of free web radio stations or create your own. Also, you can personalize your world with Avatars, Emoticons, Audibles, custom ring tones, and more.
But not all is fun and good time... Sometimes we have to work, don't we? Well, you can use Yahoo! Messenger at work without getting interrupted. You can appear online to some, offline to everyone else. Keep in touch with your colleagues at work, without getting interrupted by your friends or family. And backwards!
I think there's no enough space in this window to describe all the possible uses of this full-featured software, but I'm sure that each user will find his way with it.
And it's Windows Vista compatible.

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  • Support for Windows Live Messenger
  • Voip
  • Stealth settings


  • I could be better without ads
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